About Me

Mommy Is A Chef


Hello my name is Heidy Guzman. A mother of two beautiful children and also who

happens to be a great chef. I enjoy sharing my recipes and I love to teach people

how to cook in different platforms specially with youtube videos.



My YouTube channel consist of my own fool proof recipes from beginner cooks to experienced chefs. I teach step by step instructions on how to make anything from complicated pastries like French Macarons to your favorite American recipes like cinnamon rolls , banana bread, red velvet cupcakes or how to make bunny rabbits out of bread dough. I get inspired by Holidays and I love doing themes like Halloween dress up along with creep treats for your family and friends. Also, I love following traditions whether they are from my culture like Chilean Empanadas to Mexican traditions like the day of the dead bread or rosca de reyes. I truly feel blessed with the positive response that I’ve had from my fans and it only inspires me to keep working on more videos and recipe ideas.